Samples of My Design Work

Get Jiggy With It VW Ad
Campaign Ad

I created a few ads on spec when the New Beetle premiered. VW's ad agency loved them!

VW spec ad: It's not a car, it's a movement.
Campaign Ad

This was another of the spec ads for the New Beetle that VW's ad agency loved.

Confidence in a Crisis Presentation Design
Presentation design for webinar series

I created the logo for the webinar series and then eight presentation decks on the chosen topics.

You're Preaching to the Converted, Apple Ad
Apple Ad

During the effort to get folks to switch from PCs, I created this ad as a convert myself.

CBG Holdings, Inc. logo
Logo Design

Initial logo for CBG Holdings, Inc. that played off their tagline.

Cbanc Network logo
Logo Design

Initial logo for cbank, a network for community banks.

Artists Rights Foundation Logo concept
Logo Concept

The Foundation wanted a logo that communicated that movies are created by individuals.